It's been a trying six months or so, but I am happy to report that the big Mach-ii project I have been working on at the office officially went live this morning. Hopefully, the 60+ hour weeks, 75 at the peak, will start to be reduced over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you a lot about the project. What I can say is that it's a B2B website that is designed to replace our existing site, and also has drop shipper functionality, so that we can sell products for other companies. It also completely ties into our mainframe systems for order processing and fulfillment. It's written entirely in Mach-ii, rewritten from the ground up, and is almost entirely OO (one legacy sub application was not entirely converted, but the rest of them were).

It's been a learning experience, that was not always smooth. In fact, there were times when it was quite bumpy. However, it has taught us a lot and the lessons learned are helping us redesign and streamline our development process.

There will be a lot more going on with this project. We have to make a few changes in version 2, and begin to port over other aspects of the business to the new site, but version 1.0 is out the door!