I've also been negligent in updating you on our new arrival...

After seeking some help naming her, we've named our new dog Stella.

We've had Stella for nine days, and she's an absolute angel! That sad face has been replaced with a VERY happy face!!! She's well behaved, and starting to show some energy.

After picking her up from the shelter, we discovered on the way to the vet that she's deaf. This doesn't in any way change how we feel about her. In fact, she is very calm and obedient and is adjusting into life with us and our two other dogs and four cats very easily. She had one piddle a few days after we got her, but has not had any other issues since.

I'll post some pics of Stella in the next entry, but the saddest of faces has been replaced with the happiest! Wait until you see!

She does need regular walking. She was pacing a lot over the weekend, but a long Sunday night walk seemed to cure her of it. We don't walk our animals as much as we should. More on that in my next entry.