I am in Bethesda, MD, tonight... waiting for tomorrow's start to the Frameworks Conference. Did I ever blog I was coming??? Hmm... maybe not... but I did mention it on a list or two.

This is my third Frameworks, although the first two were back when the only Framework featured was Fusebox (2001 and 2002). I'm looking forward to what is sure to be an eventful couple of days.

The flight and subway ride here were uneventful, but I almost didn't make my flight... thanks to the airport security check, which took 45 minutes. I had to run... imagine a 350+ pound man running at full tilt through the airport!!! And, to boot, my gate was literally the farthest gate to get to... but I made it. Barely... but I made it. This hotel is very nice. The rooms are nice. I registered already. Things start at 8... so I'll be getting to bed in a minute.

Some of the presentations on Thursday I am going to try to make include:

  • Matt Woodward's Building Sustainable Software with Frameworks
  • Chip Temm's Model Driven Development and Code Generation
  • Steve Nelson's CFCs ARE the Framework (I'm tempted to see Peter Farrell here, but I have already seen this preso twice, once for my CFUG)
  • John Paul Ashenfelter's Testing Frameworks (may see Peter Bell's Application Generation - Beyond Scaffolding)
  • Rob Gonda's Intro to Object Factories (although the Model-Glue/Ajax also sounds interesting)