This morning, I would like to announce two BIG meetings we have coming up in 2008!

First, on Thursday, January 10th, Adobe's Senior Product Evangelist, Ben Forta, has agreed to return to Cleveland to do a special meeting for Cleveland attendees only! He's not on a tour or anything... he just wants to come and present to us after our last meeting went so well! He'll be presenting on ColdFusion, although the particulars are not known yet... nevertheless, it should be a great presentation as always.

Second, on Tuesday, February 5th, Adobe's Evangelist Kevin Hoyt will be returning to Cleveland to present to us as part of the next leg of the Flex 3 and AIR tour!

Both meetings are joint meetings with the Cleveland CFUG, Cleveland AUG AND the Cleveland Flex User's Group!

Both meetings are at a special time and location. They will be daytime meetings... 1:00pm - and will be located at a new location, Dealer Tire, LLC, which is located at 3711 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44114.

Seating is limited at both events, so Mike, JD, Dealer Tire and I kindly ask for you to RSVP to both meetings if you plan to attend... and to update your RSVP if it changes.

To RSVP for Ben Forta, go here:

To RSVP for Kevin Hoyt, go here:

These meetings are not limited to user group members, so PLEASE pass this onto anyone you might know that would be interested in either of these events! Blog about it, and let's make these events BIG!!!

See you then... and at our social meeting on December 20th at Winking Lizard!