I'm finally taking some time to work on the Cleveland CFUG website, so we can finally make some needed changes.

I'm working on an all new site... and I'll blog more about that in upcoming posts, but I'm also doing something I haven't done much of in the last two years: Design work. It turns out, I can STILL design! I was a developer, back in the day, but I went back to school in the mid nineties to learn design, and started my web career as a designer, before I eventually gravitated to my developer tendancies. Back then, when I had a little one-man shop, I'd subcontract development to other guys, and it turned out I was a lot better at it than they were.

Anyway, showing some of my design skills, here is the header for the site...

I am working on a design that's going to be a significantly modified version of the Vertigo Wordpress theme, with several changes I've thrown in.

More on the new site to come.