It was incredible what came out of my Promoting CFML Outside of the CFML Community session Friday evening. We think some of these ideas are a call to action for the CF developer community.

Group 1 - Promoting CFML to New Developers

Team Consisted of:

  • John Farrar
  • Rick Mason
  • Dana Tierney
  • Ezra Parker
  • Jeff Coughlin
  • Brian Swartzfager

You can ready the summary at:

Group 2 - Promoting CFML to PHP Developers

Team Consisted of:

  • Adam Tuttle
  • Timothy Farrar
  • Seth Bienek
  • Dee Sadler
  • Ken Auenson
  • Chris Hough
  • Adam Howitt -

You can read the summary at:

There is also all of the raw ideas that came out of the session. Expect blog entries from the teams which show those in more detail.