I've been a fan of it since the ALPHA (I said the beta on the podcast itself, but I went back and it was actually the ALPHA I was thinking of), so I had the very happy privilege to be a panelist on this week's ColdFusion Weekly podcast's CF_Roundtable. Recorded last week, we discuss the release of Flex 3, AIR, BlazeDS and open source at Adobe. For those of you who know me, I am not afraid of stating my opinion of things, and I certainly had them in this recording, as did my fellow panelists. In addition to myself, (in no particular order) Sean Corfield, Terrence Ryan, Dan Wilson, Brian Swartzfager, and hosts Peter Farrell and Matt Woodward had a lively discussion that I think you'll enjoy listening to.

It's kind of ironic that, near the end of the podcast, I brought up the possibility of Adobe open sourcing ColdFusion. Little did I know then what would happen a few days later, when the open sourcing of BlueDragon J2EE version was announced.

You'll have to wait patiently for next week's show, where we take the show to discuss the BlueDragon open source announcement and what it may mean to the CF community. I also participated in that roundtable discussion, and it was a fantastic podcast. Look for that version of the podcast, 3.04, next week.

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