New Fusion Authority article

My latest article is up at This one is about a program called Crystal Xcelsius. I met with the them at MAX 2005, when the company was Infommersion. Since then, the company was purchased by Business Objects, makers of Crystal Reports.

Busy week...

Just a quick post... It's been a busy week.

I am working on a new front end (where I work), and I have a deadline of tomorrow, so that's stopped me from getting other things done, like blogging and more Fusion Authority articles promised.

I have submitted another article to Fusion Authority on Sunday. Unlike the last one, this is an exclusive, so I won't post it here, but I will link to it once it's up. I have a few more that I am working on... then I will get back to the portal... hopefully next week.

I haven't talked much about the user group portal on this blog yet, but I will in future posts.

I will get back to it.