Re-launch of

I heard about this on the Boag World podcast...

The site starts back up again this Friday.

Each day, a new article will appear for 24 days, from leading web design gurus. Reading this BEFORE December 1? Last year's articles, with such topics as CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, DOM Scripting, Microformats and HTML, are available.

Last year's article authors included Shaun Inman, Drew McLellan, Derek Featherstone and Dustin Diaz.

Style issues...

I have been trying to modify the blog to use 100% width... which just doesn't seem to be working the way I had hoped. I removed Aura, but had all sorts of other issues in the process.

This new style is a combination of the style I came up with, while retaining most of the design I had before... UGGH!!! It's a work in progress, and not touted as the final version.

Had some issues with the Aura skin...

I had some issues installing Joe Reinhart's version of the Aura skin used for Ray Camden's BlogCFC, which this blog runs on.

The blog was getting errors, and there would be no style when you would review individual entries and articles for a particular day.

I have restored the default layout for the time being, until I can resolve the problem.