Funny Flash!

Here's a funny Flash file that my wife sent me:

What can I say? We enjoy fart humor!!! :-)

Macromedia Security Bulletin - Flash Player 7

There's a security issue in Flash Player 7...

This comes from a security bulletin I received in today's inbox:

MPSB05-07 Flash Player 7 Improper Memory Access Vulnerability

Learn more:


A vulnerability in Macromedia Flash Player 7 has been identified that could allow the execution of arbitrary code.



The current version of Macromedia Flash Player ( contains a fix for the vulnerability. Users who have already upgraded to Flash Player 8 are not affected by this issue. Macromedia recommends all Flash Player 7 and earlier users upgrade to this new version, which can be downloaded from the Macromedia Player Download Center. For customers with operating systems that do not support Flash Player 8 (Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT, or classic Macintosh operating systems), please refer to the Flash Player 7 update TechNote.

Macromedia Player Download Center:

Flash Player 7 Update TechNote: