The ColdFusion and Flex Tours come to Cleveland this Wednesday!

On Wednesday, June 17th, join us for what will be the biggest Adobe user group event in Cleveland history! All of the official Adobe groups: The Cleveland ColdFusion User Group, the Cleveland Flex User Group, the Cleveland Adobe User Group and the Cleveland InDesign User Group join forces for this big, big, BIG... SOOOOO BIGGG event that you'll want to be there!

The ColdFusion 9 and Flex 4 tours are here! Adam Lehman of Adobe, who was featured on CFConversations this week, will be our speaker for this event.

If you're in or near the Cleveland area, join us! It's at 6pm, and at the offices of:

Dealer Tire, LLC 3711 Chester Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114

There will be food, beverages, and prizes, along with swag!

If you are planning to attend, it's imperative that you RSVP on the Cleveland CFUG website.

If you're not in the area, check out your user group website for more information about a tour date in your area.

CFConversations 9, Interview 5 - Nick Kwiatkowski - 07/23/08

In this... controversial... special mid-week episode of CFConversations, Rick Mason interviews Nick Kwiatkowski, manager of the Michigan Flex User Group, and the organizer of the Michigan Flex Camp, which will be held in East Lansing on July 30 & 31. It's a two day Flex camp that only costs $40... and that's a heck of a deal.

This episode, like the last one, has a lot of Flex content, but there is a lot of ColdFusion content, too. Nick talks about what he thinks about ColdFusion frameworks, the ColdFusion "elite", Flex and "the cloud".

We're using a different theme from the last episode. This track is courtesy of, and it's called MEGARAT30. Tell us what you think of the music intros. We're experimenting, and will try a few more in upcoming episodes.

Run time: 38:02

Listen here!

CFConversations 8, Interview 4 - John Wilker of 360 Conferences

CFConversations Episode 8 is out!

This is our fourth interview, and this is also the first podcast not produced by me. Dan Wilson did both the interview and the producing this time around. Dan's a big part of the team, and although this is his first appearance on the podcast, he's been involved from the beginning. You may remember Dan from the same ColdFusion Weekly round tables I participated in.

In this episode, Dan interviews John Wilker of 360 Conferences, the company that brings you the 360 Flex conferences.

John and Dan talk about the 360 Flex conferences, the upcoming conference in San Jose on August 18-20, ColdFusion and Flex. A summary of the conversation can be found here:

Note: By popular demand, this episode features our first experimentation with theme music. Let us know what you think. We'll experiment with other tracks and how they are presented in the next upcoming episodes. Also, since Dan was the producer on this episode, let us know what you thought of the audio quality, and how it compares to our most recent interviews.

Run time: 43:06

I am on this week's ColdFusion Weekly podcast!

I've been a fan of it since the ALPHA (I said the beta on the podcast itself, but I went back and it was actually the ALPHA I was thinking of), so I had the very happy privilege to be a panelist on this week's ColdFusion Weekly podcast's CF_Roundtable. Recorded last week, we discuss the release of Flex 3, AIR, BlazeDS and open source at Adobe. For those of you who know me, I am not afraid of stating my opinion of things, and I certainly had them in this recording, as did my fellow panelists. In addition to myself, (in no particular order) Sean Corfield, Terrence Ryan, Dan Wilson, Brian Swartzfager, and hosts Peter Farrell and Matt Woodward had a lively discussion that I think you'll enjoy listening to.

It's kind of ironic that, near the end of the podcast, I brought up the possibility of Adobe open sourcing ColdFusion. Little did I know then what would happen a few days later, when the open sourcing of BlueDragon J2EE version was announced.

You'll have to wait patiently for next week's show, where we take the show to discuss the BlueDragon open source announcement and what it may mean to the CF community. I also participated in that roundtable discussion, and it was a fantastic podcast. Look for that version of the podcast, 3.04, next week.

If you are on iTunes, you can subscribe to ColdFusion Weekly here.

Flex/AIR pre-release tour event in Cleveland Tuesday 1:00pm

We'll be having our big Flex/AIR user group meeting in Cleveland Tuesday, February 5th at 1pm. The location details can be found at

Kevin Hoyt, Platform Evangelist with Adobe Systems, Inc., is tomorrow's speaker. This is part of the big Flex/AIR pre-release tour going on right now, and you can see us shown at

If you are planning to attend, PLEASE RSVP. Our RSVP count MUST BE ACCURATE. If you have RSVP'd and are still planning to attend... there's no need to do it again.

But, if you have not RSVP'd, and ARE planning to attend, or have RSVP'd but are NOT planning to attend, please add/update your RSVP here:

As previously stated, this will be the biggest giveaway we've ever had for a single meeting. We have Flex Builder, CS3, books, magazines, shirts galore, and assorted schwag. Everyone who attends will get at LEAST one thing, perhaps more.

Snacks will be provided at tomorrow's meeting: We'll have a Decorated Cheese Tray (includes imported cheeses, fresh fruits, vegetables, dips and crackers) with a cookie tray and an assortment of chips, pretzels, and of course an assortment of drinks.. There won't be any wraps this time around, as not very many people went for those for the Forta/Lehman meeting last month. Snacks are courtesy of Adobe and our host (details on the website).

Also, there will be a second February user group meeting of our three groups. This will be a special RIA meeting event on Monday, Feb 25th back at Lodestone. If you are planning to attend that event, please RSVP here:

If you have any questions, please email me at brianmeloche (at) gmail (dot) com.

See you tomorrow afternoon!

Thanks to Ben and Adam for coming to Cleveland...

If you didn't see it, Ben Forta and Adam Wayne Lehman presented "Lesser Known ColdFusion 8 Goodies" to a combined audience of the Cleveland CFUG, AUG and the new Flex User's Group last Thursday.

It was a big success! We had good weather for the winter meeting, and had a good turnout for the afternoon meeting. And Ben and Adam did not disappoint. They talked about some new features that weren't talked about much in Ben's Scorpio tour, like CFTHREAD, attribute collections and results attributes, to name a few.

They also asked us for feedback on what we'd like to see for the next version of ColdFusion. This brought a lively discussion on new features, what we'd want in an IDE (if they developed one) and things that would help increase the market, including education and training.

My CFUG co-manager, Dan Vega, already blogged about winning a pass to CFUNITED, thanks to the nice gesture of fellow user group member Kelly Green. Thanks to Nafisa, Liz and Michael at Teratech for donating the pass for this meeting, as well as a lot of other swag! Matt Hintze of Universal Mind, who was visiting Cleveland on business last week and came out to the meeting, won the entire CF 8 WACK book collection. Thanks to Jackie at Peachpit for donating the books. Last but not least, Joe Winans won a copy of CF8, and I'd like to thank Ed Sullivan from Adobe for making that happen.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Pam, Dave and Jessica for being such gracious hosts! They provided the venue, as well as food, drink and USB thumb drives for the event!

We'll be doing it all over again on February 5th! Kevin Hoyt of Adobe will be presenting to us as part of the Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR Pre-Release Tour. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP here.

Two BIG Meeting Announcements - Forta in January (ColdFusion), Kevin Hoyt in February (Flex/AIR)!

This morning, I would like to announce two BIG meetings we have coming up in 2008!

First, on Thursday, January 10th, Adobe's Senior Product Evangelist, Ben Forta, has agreed to return to Cleveland to do a special meeting for Cleveland attendees only! He's not on a tour or anything... he just wants to come and present to us after our last meeting went so well! He'll be presenting on ColdFusion, although the particulars are not known yet... nevertheless, it should be a great presentation as always.

Second, on Tuesday, February 5th, Adobe's Evangelist Kevin Hoyt will be returning to Cleveland to present to us as part of the next leg of the Flex 3 and AIR tour!

Both meetings are joint meetings with the Cleveland CFUG, Cleveland AUG AND the Cleveland Flex User's Group!

Both meetings are at a special time and location. They will be daytime meetings... 1:00pm - and will be located at a new location, Dealer Tire, LLC, which is located at 3711 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44114.

Seating is limited at both events, so Mike, JD, Dealer Tire and I kindly ask for you to RSVP to both meetings if you plan to attend... and to update your RSVP if it changes.

To RSVP for Ben Forta, go here:

To RSVP for Kevin Hoyt, go here:

These meetings are not limited to user group members, so PLEASE pass this onto anyone you might know that would be interested in either of these events! Blog about it, and let's make these events BIG!!!

See you then... and at our social meeting on December 20th at Winking Lizard!

New Cleveland Flex User Group meets Tuesday night...

For those of you in the Cleveland area, there is a new Flex user group and it's first meeting is Tuesday night.

Here's the announcement...

Announcing the formation of an exciting new user group in the Cleveland area--the Cleveland Flex Users Group, or CLEFUG! Mark your calendar for our first meeting on Tuesday evening, Oct. 9th, 2007.

Flex", made by Adobe, is a cross-platform development framework for creating rich Internet applications, or RIA's. Flex offers developers a way to create expressive, high-performance applications that run identically on all major browsers and operating systems. These applications are actually Flash programs (SWF files) that run in the Flash Player, also from Adobe. For more in-depth information on this interesting and powerful development tool, be sure to visit:

CLEFUG is led by JD Schrock, a leading Flex developer in the Cleveland area. JD's main purpose in starting CLEFUG is to bring together developers of all skill levels to learn and discuss the process of developing applications in Flex. Since Flex is an Adobe product, it naturally interfaces well with Adobe ColdFusion" and should be of interest to ColdFusion developers. However Flex applications can easily be developed for the .NET environment, too, making it an ideal tool for engineering for a variety of developers.

The meetings will be held monthly at the Parma-Snow branch of Cuyahoga County Library at 2121 Snow Road, Parma, Ohio.

The meeting will start promptly at 6:30pm and will finish by 8:30pm.

For more information, e-mail The CLEFUG web site is under construction and should be finished before the end of October. As such, the group's not official yet (not yet listed on, but this will be its first "unofficial official" meeting.

I've made it to MAX!

I am writing this from MAX 2007. I am currently in Flex 3 with ColdFusion training class, along with Laura from the office, and Igor, a CF developer Laura used to work with that we met up with on the plane.

The flight in this morning was uneventful, and I even had time to eat something (rare for me to be so early... I'll give credit to my wife for her incredible punctuality for getting me to Hopkins with plenty of time to spare.

We ran into some problems getting here from O'Hare. We took the Blue Line train, but due to construction on the line, we were stopped dead for about 15 minutes. We also couldn't get on our regular red line from where we were. We got off the train at Clark/Lake, and, thankfully, we were able to get a cab the rest of the way.

By the time we got through registration, and used the coat check to check in our bags, the continental breakfast consisted of cold decaf, Sprite and watermelon... but I'm here!!!

I'll be staying at the Palmer House Hilton, for those of you who want to look me up. I haven't checked in over there yet.

It's going to be a busy few days!!!

Flex and Lifecycle Seminar coming up...


DATE: Wednesday, December 6

TIME: 8:30 to 12PM

LOCATION: Marriott at RiverCenter, Covington, KY

REGISTER BY FRIDAY AT: and receive a signed copy of Ben's book: ColdFusion MX 7 Web Application Construction Kit


  • Learn the easiest and most effective methods to create award winning Rich Internet Applications
  • Leverage existing Java skills and integrate a Java web application with a Flex 2 user interface
  • Transform the way people interact with web applications
  • Uncover the responsiveness and richness of combining desktop software with the broad reach of FLASH!
  • Discover the LiveCycle Portal, a starting point for developers and decision makers who want to learn more about Adobe's LiveCycle suite of products