The ColdFusion and Flex Tours come to Cleveland this Wednesday!

On Wednesday, June 17th, join us for what will be the biggest Adobe user group event in Cleveland history! All of the official Adobe groups: The Cleveland ColdFusion User Group, the Cleveland Flex User Group, the Cleveland Adobe User Group and the Cleveland InDesign User Group join forces for this big, big, BIG... SOOOOO BIGGG event that you'll want to be there!

The ColdFusion 9 and Flex 4 tours are here! Adam Lehman of Adobe, who was featured on CFConversations this week, will be our speaker for this event.

If you're in or near the Cleveland area, join us! It's at 6pm, and at the offices of:

Dealer Tire, LLC 3711 Chester Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114

There will be food, beverages, and prizes, along with swag!

If you are planning to attend, it's imperative that you RSVP on the Cleveland CFUG website.

If you're not in the area, check out your user group website for more information about a tour date in your area.

CFConversations 20 - Controller Frameworks Roundtable - Part 2

CFConversations 20 is part 2 of a two part series on controller frameworks.

Both episode 19 (part 1) and 20 were well received by those that have listened to them so far. The plan is to do more framework roundtables over the next few months, focusing over ORM/data, dependency injection and testing frameworks.

CFConversations 19 - Controller Frameworks Roundtable - Part 1

I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging much on here lately. CFConversations has been taking a considerable amount of time lately, and some issues on this blog caused me not to blog here for a while. I'm also planning to make some major changes with my blog. I had hoped to do them before MAX, but it looks like they'll take place Thanksgiving week instead.

I thought I'd give a brief recap of the last several CFConversations episodes prior to MAX, since I hadn't blogged about them here.

Episode 19 was the first of a two-part series on controller frameworks, with:

CFConversations 18 - bFusion/bFlex

CFConversations Episode 18 was a little different than what we've had in the past.

This episode featured "Man on the Street" interviews from bFusion & bFlex, two day event held in September at Indiana University, organized by Bob Flynn and the Indiana Multimedia User Group.

Thanks to Bob, this episode featured selected "Man on the Street" interviews from the event. I also want to give thanks to Heather Warnsman, a member of Bob's user group, and Keith Danielson, manager of the Indiana University Flash User Group, who conducted these interviews.

Listen Here!

Run time: 20:25

CFConversations 17 with Joshua Cyr

CFConversations Episode 17 features the last of our interviews from CFUnited.

On day three, Brian Swartzfager sat down with Joshua Cyr, Principal Developer at Savvy Software, the makers of Savvy CMS, and manager of the Seacoast ColdFusion and Flex Group. In this interview, Joshua talks about Savvy, selling a CMS and ColdFusion at the same time, Adobe's direction with ColdFusion, conferences, and frameworks.

Listen here!

Run Time: 20:33

CFConversations 16 with Josh Adams

CFConversations Episode 16 was our first with an Adobe person in the hot seat! On day four of CFUnited, I sat down with Josh Adams. Josh is a Systems Engineer with Adobe, specializing in ColdFusion. Before that, Josh worked in a similar position at New Atlanta and, before that, was the Atlanta CFUG manager. During this interview, we talk about working for Adobe, his time at New Atlanta, user groups (a passion Josh and I both share), open source CFML and the initiatives surrounding CF9.

Listen here!

Run time: 30:12

CFConversations 15 with Mark Mandel

I've not been blogging about CFConversations here lately, so I thought I'd get back to it.

Episode 15 has Dan Wilson interviewing Mark Mandel, best known for the Transfer ORM framework.

We're now up to episode 20, so expect more blog posts in the next couple of days.

Listen here!

Run time: 39:56

CFConversations 13 AND 14 - Hal Helms and Mark Drew!

I never blogged about it, but episode 13 of CFConversations was a good one! And, with episode 14, we have another good one, so I guess I'll blog about both of them now.

For episode 13, Brian Swartzfager was able to interview one of the legends in the ColdFusion community, Hal Helms.

On Sunday night, episode 14 came out. Adam Haskell interviewed Mark Drew. Of course, most of you know of Mark as the lead developer of the CFEclipse project, and, of course, CFEclipse is discussed, but Mark and Adam talk about a lot more during this interview, including Railo, ColdSpring, conferences, tattoos, cooking, a little about bendy buses, and a couple of things you might not know about Mark.

Listen to them both!

We're going to be starting a new round of interviews in the next couple of weeks, so if you would like to be interviewed and we haven't spoken about it yet, please email me at podcast at cfconversations dot com, and we'll try to get you on the schedule.

CFConversations 12 is out! Ray Camden!

I neglected to mention a few days ago that CFConversations Episode 12 came out on Thursday, with Ray Camden.

This interview was recorded at Day 2 of CFUnited. Ray was a great interview!

Listen here.

CFConversations 11, Roundtable 5 is out!

With CFUnited quite a few weeks in the past and 10 episodes under our belt, it was time for another roundtable! We brought it back in style we've gathered 8 stellar participants including:

We had a lively podcast this time, with some great content that covers a wide range of topics.

Bob Flynn announced bFusion and bFlex, where you can get two days of free hands-on training in Flex and ColdFusion at Indiana University. We also discussed the educational licensing and whether or not Bob and Richard (from Gallaudet University) thought it would make a difference at their schools.

From education, we moved onto the hiring space. As you probably know, Sean's company, Broadchoice has been hiring several top developers recently, including Ray Camden, Joe Reinhart, Nicholas Lierman and Brian Kotek, and Sean shared his technique for hiring top talent that appears to be working. Note: This was recorded before it was announced that Brian Kotek also joined Broadchoice).

Next, Sean talked a bit about the CFML Advisory Board. I announced that a new vendor-neutral site to promote the CFML language is in development. I pulled the domain name from the podcast because, well, we're not quite ready to completely open it up to the general public yet (the basics are up). If you are really interested in helping out, use the contact form and I'll tell you more.

We asked Mark Mandel how he felt about ColdFusion 9's Hibernate functionality vs. his Transfer ORM. We all chimed in about other ColdFusion 9 functionality, and talked a bit about alternative editors and search tools.

We also covered the hot topic of SQL injection, including a free tool from HP called scrawlr and a project called Query Param Scanner.

We did a "final thoughts on CFUnited. Some of the things we had covered on previous roundtables, but there were a few new things.

We also talked about the Railo 3 beta (now in Release Candidate) and progress on Open BlueDragon releases.

Sean and Adam closed out the episode with a fairly big announcement that should have been made by now, so we sneaked it in! You'll have to listen to the podcast to know what it is.

Find the episode here.

Run time: 1:36:37

CFConversations 10, Interview 6 - Gert Franz of Railo

In case you missed it, CFConversations Episode 10 was released yesterday.

On Day one of the CFUnited conference, several of us sat down with Gert Franz of Railo, correctly pronounced "Rhy-low" (not "Ray-low"). Railo, a Swiss company, sells an alternative CFML engine, also called Railo, which has been getting a lot of attention in the CF developer community in recent months. During Gert's keynote at the Scotch on the Rocks conference in early June, it was announced that version 3.0 would have support for CFVIDEO and Hibernate, which had been getting a lot of attention in the CF blogosphere, especially since the cf.Objective() conference in early May. Furthermore, Gert announced that Railo version 3.1 would be released as open source under the LGPL license, with support from JBoss and hosting from

The Railo open source announcement was enthusiastically welcomed throughout the CFML community, as has been documented on several previous episodes of CFConversations. Even key Adobe personnel such as Ben Forta and Adam Lehman were enthusiastic about the announcement.

Also, during Adobe's keynote at CFUnited, it was announced that Gert was one of the members of the CFML Language Advisory Committee.

In this episode, we talk about all of these things, some of Railo's history, and a little about Gert himself, who's a warm and very approachable person, with an interesting history that I think you'll enjoy hearing about.

This was an interview that a lot of people wanted to be a part of, or just listen to in person. Also in the room were: Peter Bell, Sean Corfield, Mark Drew, Adam Haskell, Jeff Coughlin, Joe Reinhart and Rick Mason, and most of them get involved in the interview at one point or another. This interview was one of my highlights of CFUnited, so I hope you enjoy it.

This was the first podcast recorded at CFUnited, and we didn't have access to the Blue Snowball microphone we used for most of the interviews and round tables. This interview was recorded from three Macbook Pro built-in microphones, although one of them produced a recording that was unusable. The interview itself required substantial post production editing to make it listenable, so the quality may not be as good as episodes six through nine. However, I think, it's now in a listenable form.

Due to the difficulty in editing this episode and the timeliness of other episodes, this episode got pushed back a couple of times. Ironically, this worked out, as Gert is doing a U.S. user group tour that starts on Monday, July 28th, which coincides with the release of this episode.

This is the first episode where my inserts are recorded via the new headset, courtesy of Marc Esher. If you liked the new music track, it's from a band called spineCar, from the Album Up From the Mud, and the track is called "Smoke". I'm thinking it's going to be the podcast's theme song. What do you think?

Run time: 56:47

CFConversations 9, Interview 5 - Nick Kwiatkowski - 07/23/08

In this... controversial... special mid-week episode of CFConversations, Rick Mason interviews Nick Kwiatkowski, manager of the Michigan Flex User Group, and the organizer of the Michigan Flex Camp, which will be held in East Lansing on July 30 & 31. It's a two day Flex camp that only costs $40... and that's a heck of a deal.

This episode, like the last one, has a lot of Flex content, but there is a lot of ColdFusion content, too. Nick talks about what he thinks about ColdFusion frameworks, the ColdFusion "elite", Flex and "the cloud".

We're using a different theme from the last episode. This track is courtesy of, and it's called MEGARAT30. Tell us what you think of the music intros. We're experimenting, and will try a few more in upcoming episodes.

Run time: 38:02

Listen here!

CFConversations 8, Interview 4 - John Wilker of 360 Conferences

CFConversations Episode 8 is out!

This is our fourth interview, and this is also the first podcast not produced by me. Dan Wilson did both the interview and the producing this time around. Dan's a big part of the team, and although this is his first appearance on the podcast, he's been involved from the beginning. You may remember Dan from the same ColdFusion Weekly round tables I participated in.

In this episode, Dan interviews John Wilker of 360 Conferences, the company that brings you the 360 Flex conferences.

John and Dan talk about the 360 Flex conferences, the upcoming conference in San Jose on August 18-20, ColdFusion and Flex. A summary of the conversation can be found here:

Note: By popular demand, this episode features our first experimentation with theme music. Let us know what you think. We'll experiment with other tracks and how they are presented in the next upcoming episodes. Also, since Dan was the producer on this episode, let us know what you thought of the audio quality, and how it compares to our most recent interviews.

Run time: 43:06

CFConversations 7, Interview 3 - John Farrar, author of ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial

Our third CFConversations interview episode is out, with John Farrar of SoSensible.

On July 2nd, Packt Publishing released John Farrar's ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial, their first ColdFusion title, and the first non-CFWACK title since Rob Brooks Bilson's Programming ColdFusion back in the MX 6.1 days.

John's a fellow user group manager, and a friend of mine. On Day 2 of CFUnited, I interview John, along with Adam Haskell (who's listening). We talk about the new book, John's CO-OP and SOS frameworks, JQuery, CF9, open source, and the Adobe education licensing of ColdFusion announcement. We also talk about his family. John's got a big family, and I try to get down to how he can get anything done working from home with twelve kids.

This was recording via Jeff Coughlin's Blue Snowball microphone, which was also used for the CFUnited Round tables. The sound had to be boosted in post production, but it seems to be good under the circumstances. There is some echo in the room.

Some people have noticed a quality improvement in the last few episodes. I hope this episode's quality doesn't suffer too much from the last two. It was recorded a different way, so it may sound different. As previously mentioned in other podcasts, we're still learning how to produce these, and although we're learning more as we go, we don't have all the equipment we need to do episodes of the quality Matt and Peter of Dan Wilson and Rick Mason who purchased the first few items off of the wish list to help make the podcast a better one.

Links to the book:
Packt Publishing

Run time: 50:19

The episode can be found here.

CFConversations 6, Interview 2 - Michael Smith of Teratech - 07/05/08

Our second interview episode is with Michael Smith of Teratech. We discuss putting on CFUnited, Fusebox, Teratech, the recent Adobe announcements made at CFUnited and open source CFML.

I have mentioned previously that I have help with these episodes. The interviewer this time is another Brian, Brian Swartzfager, who you may recognize from the ColdFusion Weekly roundtable episodes, as well as CFConversations Episode 3.

This was recorded using a handheld recorder. The quality is quite good, but it might sound a tad more "AM radio" like than some of our other episodes.


Run time: 16:54

CFConversations 5 is out! Liz Frederick & Nafisa Sabu of Teratech interview

The first four episodes of CFConversations have all been in a roundtable format, but that's not the only format CFConversations will be using.

With episode 5, we begin releasing episodes in a new format: Interviews.

In this episode, I sit down with Liz Frederick and Nafisa Sabu of Teratech. We discuss putting on conferences as big as CFUnited, their thoughts on the CF developer community, their backgrounds, and open source CFML.

This was recorded using a Flip Video camera behind the booth on day 2 at CFUnited. The audio quality is surprisingly good, but you will hear some background noise from both the conference and the street.


Run time: 19:59

Here's the link!

Episode 4 of CFConversations is out!

Recorded at the end of Day 3 of CFUnited.

On this podcast:

  • Brian Meloche
  • Rick Mason
  • John Farrar
  • Dana Tierney
  • Ken Auenson
  • Chris Hough
  • Seth Bienek
  • Timothy Farrar
  • Adam Tuttle
  • Adam Haskell

Most of this episode focuses around the ideas that came out of the Promoting CFML Outside of the CFML Community session Friday evening, mentioned in the previous post. We think some of these ideas are a call to action for the CF developer community.

We hope you'll find this long podcast worthwhile!

Time: 1:37:27

Episodes 2 and 3 of CFConversations are out!

In case you haven't found it yet, I created and am leading (but not alone) a new podcast called CFConversations;

We've released episode 2 and 3 since we've been at CFUnited. The audio quality... well, we're still learning, and we don't have all the equipment we need, but I think the audio quality is listenable and the content is great.

In addition to the first three episodes, we've also recorded more interviews that we'll be releasing over the coming weeks, and are continuing to do so.

This has been a great adventure so far, and thanks for taking it with me!

First Episode of CFConversations is out!

The first episode of CFConversations has been released. You can listen to it on, with a built-in player. Thanks to Rick Mason, Adam Haskell, Aaron West and Jeff Coughlin for being on the first roundtable!

I had some microphone problems, but the recording still came out great!

You can't yet find it by searching in iTunes, but it's there. Here's the link:

It's 1:16:37.

I'd appreciate it if you could blog it up. The feed hasn't been added to Feed Squirrel, Adobe Feeds, ColdFusion Bloggers or Full as a Goog yet. I've submitted to all of them... but nothing yet.

Announcing the CFConversations Podcast!

I am pleased to announce that I am leading an effort to start a brand new ColdFusion/CFML-based podcast.

This podcast is called CFConversations. Much like ColdFusion Weekly has been in recent months, the format will be a combination of interviews and roundtable discussions.

The first episode should be released this weekend, and it will be a roundtable discussion.

We're planning to do several roundtables during CFUNITED on the first three days of the conference. We're also going to line up a bunch of interviews during the conference, and we'll release them gradually, over the next several weeks and months.

This effort is not just mine. A group of people will be working on the podcast with me.

This is not ColdFusion Weekly doing a name change. This is a new podcast, and Matt and Peter are well aware of the effort and give it their seal of approval. In fact, I'm hoping they'll both be able to be guests on the new podcast.

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